Quality, response time and delivery times are the cornerstones of customer satisfaction

At Sfera Energy Solutions, we consider it essential to offer an excellent service to our customers by replicating the good management practices of our suppliers such as Vexve. Year after year, we try to provide a personalized service for each individual customer as well as guaranteeing a good customer experience from the first contact to the end of the “long life” cycle of our products.

To recognize our strengths and areas for development, Vexve – our main supplier – conducted a customer satisfaction survey during the fall. On the NPS scale, which measures customer satisfaction globally, Vexve got a staggering result of 56 (between -100… + 100). On a scale of 0 to 10, we were evaluated at 8.60. Vexve is very satisfied and admits that the number is high but not so high that there is still no room for improvement!

Based on open comments, Vexve is best known for quality (79 positive mentions), customer service and response speed (61 positive mentions in total), and fast delivery times (30 positive mentions). These are the cornerstones that Sfera Energy Solutions also tries to guarantee to the end customer and in which we will continue to invest!

On the other hand, the answers reflected the impact of the current world situation on transport, making delivery times one of our development targets. During the winter, we strive to ensure the use of the best possible logistics partners in our countries of operation in the current situation.

Sfera together with Vexve will continue to work on the overall quality of our operations, product functionality and logistical efficiency also during this year!

Source: Vexve 2021

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