As result of long-term product development with a strong customer focus, Vexve X is the market’s first complete series of shut-off and balancing valves made of steel and stainless steel with integrated press fit connections.

The comprehensive Vexve X valves product line features shut-off and balancing valves both of carbon steel and stainless steel over a diameter range of 18–54 mm (DN 15-50) and is designed for optimal control of heating and cooling networks in buildings.

The Vexve X line-up is an overall cost-effective solution over the entire product life cycle.

First and foremost, the complete product family enables the use of uniform shut-off and balancing valves in the entire project instead of a selection of valves with varying product features and application properties.

Moreover the integrated press fit connections, that can be done with both M and V profile jaws, tears down the installation times and the work phases required: one valve can be installed in just a few minutes, with an average time of about 10 minutes each.

Press fit connections also decrease the risk of leakages since they have fewer junction points and a reduced number of parts needed than solutions that apply separate adapters.  

LBP (Leak Before Press) o-rings, an insertion depth limiter and a press collar providing a visual indication of a successful press fit guarantee a reliable and risk free installation.

The new Vexve X range of valves features handles on the shut-off valves and precision control knob, with lockable setting and self-sealing measuring blocks, on the balancing valves, both made of composite.

The optimised handle stem construction of Vexve X line-up valves, specifically redesigned, effectively complies modern insulation standards and prevents the formation of thermal bridges from the valve body toward the outside.

Handles and the control knobs facilitate the use of the X series’ products, being effortless to remove without separate tools: if necessary, they can be easily detached by pulling sharply upwards on them in either the open or closed position.

All Vexve X products are covered by 5-year guarantee and for a better user experience a QR code situated on valves handles offers an electronic access to up-to-date product information and operating manuals.

The line-up was launched for the international markets at the ISH 2019 trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, where was provided the first main stream press fit demonstrations.

The first Vexve X valves have been then installed in the heating system at the Kärppälä agricultural tourism and equestrian sports centre in Sastamala, opened to public just few weeks ago.

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