Thanks to technology, the district heating networks management becomes smart both in terms of efficiency and cost reduction.

Vexve iSENSE product line was developed to meet an increasing need in sustainable energy business, being constantly up-to-date with a district heating system status and functioning: throught technology and the application of special sensors, essential informations such as network efficiency, fault detection and location, power losses and resources assignment forecastings are provided.


Three solutions are currently part of the iSENSE family, which can be used individually or combined in a single unit according to user’s needs: all suitable for underground installation, they are self-powered, operate through LoRaWAN technology and are easily adjustable to fit networks previously linked. 


iSENSE Opti provides real-time measurement of the status of underground district heating networks: constantly detecting values ​​such as pressure, temperature and vibrations allows  optimal system control, based on precise and easily understandable data, whereas ensures significant economic and energetic savings. 


iSENSE Pulse, through special alarm cables and pulse technology, prevents any corrosion and damage to networks and joints, identifying their exact position. The fault can be detected at 3,500 meters from the measurement point in both directions with an accuracy of less than 1% of the total length of the loop. 


iSENSE Chamber delivers an effective remote monitoring of street chambers: humidity excess, water shaft accumulation and all related issues can be easily avoided, as well as any maintenance operation can be performed rapidly, effortlessly and efficiently. 


The system core is the Smart Unit, a small dimension, battery-powered and energy-saving control unit, which collects all sensors informations and, via LoRaWAN technology, communicates in encrypted mode with the iSENSE Online Cloud service. This service, protected by specific customizable access keys, can be reached anytime and anywhere from any device Web connected. 


Through the cloud, data are processed and returned to user by way of an easy-to-read interface, together with a useful map for accurately identifying the network portion under examination. The iSENSE Online Cloud offers also the possibility to set alert thresholds for each and any measured parameter and it’s able to send notifications in case of identified anomalies. 


With Vexve iSENSE™ products family, we offially take part in the innovative Smart City project and the Smart Solutions generation: real time district heating network parameter monitoring, malfunctionings localization, maintenance and energy losses forecasts become a tangible and fundamental reality for an increasingly complex development of sustainable energy systems.


Thanks to technology, the district heating networks management becomes smart both in terms of efficiency and cost reduction.