After the digital revolution, which is changing our daily lives, a second revolution has already started, the environmental one. 

For more than ten years the Municipality of Biella in partnership with Engie Italy, the national branch of the famous french company operating in the field of electricity production and distribution and a leader in regime zero CO2 emissions changeover, has engaged in district heating services extension in order to improve air quality of the City. 

Back in 2008, indeed, Biella identified district heating as one of the first measures to be taken to move towards the "Smart City" and a "Carbon Neutral" environment. 

In this delicate transition of a conscious and eco-sustainable energy, a small but very significant role has been played also by Sfera Energy Solutions.

Over time, we have supplied Vexve valves, drilling machines and manpower necessary for installations at the exchange substations; these interventions were aimed at existing network growth the and were often carried out, thanks to our expertise, without interrupting service supply.

In particular, during the last two years, Sfera supplied all the buried and pre-insulated valves, which have allowed bulding  and commissioning of district heating network in two new areas of the city called San Francesco and San Paolo.

Today, thanks to this achievement, 60% of Biella citizens are steady customer of district heating and likewise  are the 27 municipal buildings: both for administrative interest, such as the Territory Government Palace, the Oropa Palace and the Pella Palace, and for historical-artistic interest, such as the Territory Museum, the Theater and the Social Club. Complete coverage of local Schools is also a great satisfaction and a source of pride. 

As the Councilor for the Environment Mr. Davide Zappalà had the opportunity to declare «the district heating development process is significant for the city and has avoided in the last year the emission into the atmosphere of about 6,200 tons of CO2, or -25 % compared to traditional energy systems: an extremely positive impact on the environment, as if 255,000 trees had been planted or 3000 fewer cars circulating per year». 

But our commitment certainly doesn't stop there: in 2020 a further extension of the network in different city areas has been scheduled, a new challenge that finds us prepared and increasingly enthusiastic. 

After the digital revolution, which is changing our daily lives, we are sure that a second revolution has already started, the environmental one and Sfera has always been at the forefront of making it possible.