The situation has not become simpler nor more forgiving, simply we are getting stronger and more resilient.

It was March when a decree just passed by the italian Government told us that in the following months we would have to completely review our way of relating to others. Since our work is based on collaborating and sharing, we suddenly found ourselves forced to change the pace of our business behaviour. 

For more than ten years, in line of values ‚Äč‚Äčthat distinguished it since its origin, Sfera has made of flexibility and innovation its fundamental characteristics. 

Even though recently there is an abuse of the term resilience, which indicates the ability to face, absorb and overcome a period of difficulty, in how different way could we define the effort and the process that we promptly implemented to safeguard the Health and interests of our workers, collaborators, customers and suppliers? 

In this period we have managed, in full compliance with the Laws and Decrees that have followed one another, to carry out our projects, to answer your questions and your needs. 

Thanks to an huge logistical and coordinative effort, we have not abandoned a single construction yard, remaining constantly on the field, even if not always physically there, alongside anyone who needed our intervention, leaving no one unheard and carrying out what we started. 

This week in Italy most of the production activities will resume their work and new rules will impose further adjustments, further changes of pace. 

Once again we are ready to accept the challenge because yes, we can say it with extreme pride and supporting evidence, resilience is one of Sfera peculiar attributes, the fundamental characteristic that allows us to be always competitive, prepared and qualified in the incessant developping market of Energy. 

Therefore our mission remains the same, still at your side, to constantly guarantee the very same high quality standards to which we are and you became accustomed to. So together, even at a distance, to keep on ensuring the best service ever.