On 22-23 Sept. 2018 Sfera Energy Solutions joint the Vexve Summit organized for Vexve’s distributors and partners in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The meeting gathered 80 people from over 20 countries around the world, a babel of different cultures willing to speak the fascinating language of Energy.

Our stay was packed woth interesting workshops that offered to Sfera Energy Solutions the opportunity to extend the network with global colleagues, putting the basis for new business ideas and generally giving feeling of being part of minds thinking alike about the world of energy.

Within this context, during the last gala dinner, Sfera Energy Solutions was awarded as "Distributor Of The Year 2018" among a crowd of more than 30 different corporations, recognizing our Company the great dedication we put in our business and the great alignment with Vexve's mission.

This award makes us particulary proud, not only for the acclamation of our selling volumes. It also acknowledges the values we trust most, the ones at the top of our philosophy: first of all respect and honesty towards people, aiming at building steady relationships with our partners and clients; great respect for the environment, to whom we owe our business; safety and reliability in the products and services we offer; and last, but not least, innovation to keep Energy alive.